Text Counselling Sessions

One hour counselling sessions with qualified counsellors. Although we focus on youth, counselling sessions are available and appropriate for any age group (13 – 99 years)

After purchase you will receive a link via email within 24 hours to update your information and book your first text counselling session.

MentalHealthWarrior offers text based counselling powered by Virtual Psychologist. This is a service you can use from anywhere. No need to go anywhere to attend an appointment. It is as simple as texting from the convenience of your own phone. Counselling sessions are booked in advance, the session occurs in real time and lasts up to an hour.

Counselling isn’t just for when you’re feeling down. Counselling should be proactive and, just like getting your regular health check-up at your GP, having regular check-ins with your counsellor can ensure you are always fighting fit both mentally and physically. Our counsellors come with a wide range of skills and experience including clinical psychology, sports psychology, organisational psychology, and much more.

Once you have made your booking you will be connected with a qualified mental health professional who will guide you through a professional counselling session. If you would like ongoing support you can make an appointment to text with the same counsellor again at a time convenient to you.

Our team care about your mental wellbeing and are here to provide you advice and guidance on any topic.